Are you ever curious about what’s going to happen next?

I know I was after I graduated high school and prepared to enter college.

I attended a small midwestern Christian college (B.A. English Lit, if you must know).

Before I began my freshman year, I learned about an optional pre-orientation “wilderness leadership practicum”: a two-week camping trip in the forests of northern Wisconsin and U.P. Michigan.

That’s right. Camping for credit.

I thought I enjoyed camping, so I signed up.

I arrived on campus that August, two thousand miles away from home. Fifty or so of us assembled on the front lawn and the program coordinator invited us to ask questions. The material about the program had been a bit vague, so we had lots of questions.

Nearly every question elicited the same answer: “Well, it varies from group to group.”

Around midnight, with the first fireflies I’d ever seen flickering all around us, we hefted our luggage onto the tour busses and rode north through the night.

I slept poorly.