That’s why I love stories. I want to know what happens next.

I love a story that keeps me guessing until the final resolution.

I love a story that pulls me out of the dullness of daily life and shows me vivid wonders and ghastly horrors in sharp contrast.

I particularly love a story that speculates: what’s going to happen next? Next year? Next decade? Next century? Next millennium? And what about after that?

I grew up on the stories of Asimov, Clarke, and Heinlein. I loved their imaginations, but I hated their philosophies. Somewhere at the core of their stories, they fundamentally misunderstood what it meant to be human.

Then I discovered Frank Herbert, Gene Wolfe, and Jack Vance. They told honest, imaginative stories about broken, spiritual people seeking after hope.

Those are the kinds of stories I love most to read.

Those are the kinds of stories I love most to write.

I still wonder what’s going to happen next. I’m still looking for the next railroad tie. And so I write.

Here are some of my books.