“Your end of this here party is all over, my beauty,” said Lefty grimly, “except that the boys at Appleton may give you a little impromptu reception when we hit town. They seem to be rather strong on celebrations.”

“So I “understand,” smiled Slim Malone. “I have no doubt they will be glad to see me.”

“Ain’t no doubt in the world,” grinned Lefty, warming to the perfect calm of this man. “Between you an’ me. pal, I’m sorry to have to turn this little trick; but—”

Malone waved a careless and reassuring hand.

“Business is business, my dear fellow,” he said.

“That bein’ the case,” said Lefty, “I’ll have to ask you to turn around and put your hands behind your back while I put these here bracelets on. I don’t want to discourage you any, but while I’m doin’ it this here gun will be in my hand and pointin’ at your back.”

“Naturally,” nodded Malone; “quite right, of course; but before we start on our little jaunt back to the camp won’t you have a drink with me? I have some really rare old stuff here; quite different from the firewater they put labels on in Appleton.”

Lefty grinned appreciatively.

“It’s a good move, pal…” chevronRight icon