tl;dr: you can buy the first book in my new sci fi space opera series here. 😄

The Challenge

It’s an exciting time to be writing new fiction. There has never been a greater set of opportunities for getting to market or for connecting with readers.

It’s also a frightening time to be publishing.

The traditional publishers are closing ranks, doubling down on known talent.

Screaming mobs on social media descend on authors who catch the wrong kind of attention at the wrong time.

The distribution channels have never been more crowded.

The learning curve for self-publishing is steep and the costs potentially expensive.

What does it take, as a new, inexperienced author, to successfully publish thrilling science fiction in 2019?

I set out last year to answer this question for myself. In hopes of encouraging other authors in a similar position, I’m sharing my initial results and my findings!

The Goal

My goal is simple: to become a best-selling science fiction author, with revenue of $10k per month.

My Uncle Scrooge Money Bin

Spoiler alert: I’m still a loooong ways off. But it’s nice to have goals!

In support of such an audacious goal, I need to write compelling stories that appeal to my chosen audience.

I need to produce finished artefacts to contain those stories that provide my audience with the highest-quality reading experience.

I need to offer these artefacts for sale where my readers will find them.

Most importantly of all, I need to connect with my audience, demonstrate the quality of my wares, and woo them into the daring act of purchasing my books in lieu of beer.

My credentials

Who am I to be writing authoritatively on these matters?

  • I’m a new author. This is my first book. I’ve learned a lot from making it.
  • I’m a publishing industry professional. I’m experienced in typesetting, ebook production, and web development in a traditional publishing environment.
  • I have a B.A. in English Literature. 🤓 I’ve studied fiction all my life, and read widely across boundaries, periods, and genres.
  • I can tear a book down to its bones, physically, logically, and spiritually. I know what makes these things tick.

I follow the general guideline of “strong opinions, loosely held”. I’m going to make some seemingly wild claims here. I might be wrong! I look forward to the ensuing discussion.

The series—Salvage of Empire

Series banner

When his brother-in-law discovers his terrible secret, Director Kolteo Ais must sacrifice everything he has worked for to save the Galactic Empire—and his marriage—from utter ruin.

The first book, Return of the Exile, chronicles Kolteo’s tribulations in the world-spanning city of Siben, heart of the Galactic Empire.

Instead of making you listen to me tell you about it, like any good author, I’d be happy to show you. You can purchase the first book of the series over here.

Still with me? OK. Let’s go.

In writing Salvage of Empire, I’m looking back at where science fiction as a genre has been, and I’m looking forward to where it can go, both as a genre and as the vanguard of publishing technology.

I’ve taken great care in the formatting and presentation of the final product, from the typesetting to the illustration. (Yes! There are illustrations!)

In my next few posts, I’m going to talk about how I’m producing this series, using a combination of rock solid tradition and cutting edge technologies.

I’m going to gore a few sacred cows. (Break out the fainting couches!)

I’m going to reveal why my storytelling formula is the best formula. (Gasp!)

I’m going to demonstrate why in their current state, ebooks are so much worse than print. (Heresy!)

I’m going to tell you why I’m not publishing on Amazon first. (Horrors!)

Read on, and pass the smelling salts!

First, I’ll tell you why I wrote an early 20th-century sci fi adventure in the early 21st century


Why I Wrote an Early 20th-century Sci Fi Adventure in the Early 21st century


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