Everyone you know desires narrative enabling technology.

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David Eyk is a Christian, a loving husband, and a not-so-recent college graduate (class-of-2003-not-so-recent, of Wheaton College, a small Christian liberal arts college one hour west of Chicago, where he studied English, Urban Studies, and whatever else happened to strike his fancy). David lives across the tracks from said college, but no longer works there. David currently works for a small but plucky publisher, where he typesets Bibles.

He is a native of the Pacific Northwest and misses the mountains and the rain very much. When he finds the time, David plans to pay off a considerable student debt, make a dazzlingly complex computer game, write a brilliant political manifesto, find God’s plan for his life, teach someone somewhere, and write the Greatest Sci-Fi Novel of the 21st Century. Not necessarily in that order. Mileage may vary.